ITER: Just Another Nuclear Power Plant?

While in many parts of the world countries have been moving away from nuclear energy, or at least moving forward with heightened caution; the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), has been in the making for decades to work towards the future of nuclear energy. The development of ITER, a Fusion reactor, is a multinational collaboration... Continue Reading →

Ensuring Japanese Energy Security Post-Fukushima

March of this year marked 9 years since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, where the Great East Japan earthquake triggered a series of catastrophic events. The tsunami that followed the 9.0 magnitude earthquake damaged the Fukushima power plant, resulting in a loss of power, and disabled the emergency generators. This immediate loss of... Continue Reading →

Can South Korea Ever Abandon Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear power has been a part of South Korea's energy industry since the 1950s. Now a US$24 billion domestic industry, twenty-three nuclear reactors power one-third of South Korea's electricity demand. Nuclear power is therefore critical to the nation's energy security, and has inspired decades of administrations maintaining its status as a strategic priority. South Korea's... Continue Reading →

The Nuclear Dilemma in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi monarchy is trying to phase-out the country’s dependence on petroleum products, which in 2016 accounted for around 80% of export revenue and two-thirds of government revenue [1]. Thus, under the banner of its “Vision 2030” project, the kingdom is looking to diversify its energy production by investing heavily in renewable energy and, more controversially,... Continue Reading →

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