Quit the Banter, Europe Needs Air Conditioning

As climate change becomes increasingly visible, there is no question heat waves are becoming more prevalent. Last summer, Europe witnessed record-breaking temperatures in a heat wave that took millions by surprise.[1] For example, Scandinavia, a region not used to temperatures above the 30o C mark, saw temperatures extending above 32o C. As a result, the... Continue Reading →

The Green New Deal: Energy Transition vs Energy Dominance?

For the 2020 US Presidential Elections, most democratic candidates have supported the “Green New Deal”, described by the Green Party as a plan to “​convert the old, gray economy into a new, sustainable economy that is environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible​”. This includes achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and 100% renewable energy by... Continue Reading →

Micro-Grids Can Change the Future

A common metric for a state’s level of development used to be the number of telephones per person. The logic was that landline telephone infrastructure was costly and the more developed it was in a state the more developed the country was overall. Unfortunately, this no longer holds true for the developing world. With the... Continue Reading →

The Canadian Trans Mountain Pipeline Extension project

The Canadian Trans Mountain Pipeline Extension project is a proposed pipeline that would run along the current pipeline, between Edmonton, Alberta to Burnaby, British Columbia. The project was proposed with the intention of increasing economic benefits by providing $7.4 billion in government revenues and creating new jobs. The pipelines proposal stated that it would allow... Continue Reading →

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