Lost Ice, Found Riches

As the ice in the Arctic gets thinner, resource opportunities are thicker and competition fiercer.  Ice is melting at record high rates in the Arctic, and what used to be inaccessible areas are becoming primary targets for some of the world’s superpowers. Countries including Russia, Canada, the US, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland and Norway are fighting... Continue Reading →

Canada: A Climate Action Leader?

Canada: a country known for its multicultural identity, friendly people, boundless, rugged landscapes, and bountiful natural resources. In Canada, you can count on clean air and drinking water, pristine lakes and oceans, lush forests, and vast mountain ranges... But, you can also count on the extraction and use of fossil fuels which are becoming increasingly... Continue Reading →

The Canadian Trans Mountain Pipeline Extension project

The Canadian Trans Mountain Pipeline Extension project is a proposed pipeline that would run along the current pipeline, between Edmonton, Alberta to Burnaby, British Columbia. The project was proposed with the intention of increasing economic benefits by providing $7.4 billion in government revenues and creating new jobs. The pipelines proposal stated that it would allow... Continue Reading →

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