Are Biofuels an Alternative to Oil?

In the beginning, biofuels were thought to be the perfect substitute to oil as they combated greenhouse gas emissions and diversified fuel supply. However, public opinion has shifted in the last years. What could have gone wrong? The problem is that after some years, the production of biofuels started to show the negatives it entailed.... Continue Reading →

Quit the Banter, Europe Needs Air Conditioning

As climate change becomes increasingly visible, there is no question heat waves are becoming more prevalent. Last summer, Europe witnessed record-breaking temperatures in a heat wave that took millions by surprise.[1] For example, Scandinavia, a region not used to temperatures above the 30o C mark, saw temperatures extending above 32o C. As a result, the... Continue Reading →

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Oils?

Are big oils up to no good again? If we ever want a transition from fossil fuel to cleaner energies, the oil behemoths need to budge. However, whenever there seems to be a threat to their normal business, the oil supermajors are quick to buy some hush hush. And the seven sisters are notorious for... Continue Reading →

Micro-Grids Can Change the Future

A common metric for a state’s level of development used to be the number of telephones per person. The logic was that landline telephone infrastructure was costly and the more developed it was in a state the more developed the country was overall. Unfortunately, this no longer holds true for the developing world. With the... Continue Reading →

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