Canada: A Climate Action Leader?

Canada: a country known for its multicultural identity, friendly people, boundless, rugged landscapes, and bountiful natural resources. In Canada, you can count on clean air and drinking water, pristine lakes and oceans, lush forests, and vast mountain ranges... But, you can also count on the extraction and use of fossil fuels which are becoming increasingly... Continue Reading →

China a Global Climate Leader? Not so Fast

In November 2017, five months after President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Accords, President Xi declared that China was now in the “driving seat” when it came to mitigating global climate change. [1] This was a bold claim, given that China is still the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Nuclear Waste

In 2018, the French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra) published a report testifying that 1,54 millions of cubic meters of radioactive waste or material were located all around the French territory. It is a spike of 85.000 m3 from the previous inventory that was conducted three years prior. But what is even more... Continue Reading →

What is the Weather Like?

For weeks now, it seems that the weather has lost his mind. Between heat records in Australia and historical freezing temperatures in the Northeast and Midwest, the world is witnessing the concrete consequences of serious deregulation of climate. While some people claim the “Age of Weather Extremes”, others are wondering to what extent may climate... Continue Reading →

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