About us

This Blog is a shared project of the students attending the course on Energy Security as part of the Europe-North America programme at Sciences Po – Reims.

It is a space of collective and individual expression on the many aspects related to energy security in the world. The commentaries range from informative reviews of national energy statistics to insightful analyses of geopolitical factors and phenomena shaping energy (security) policies around the world.

List of contributors:

  • Aurélie Calemard du Gardin (aurelie.calemarddugardin@sciencespo.fr)
  • Vaidehi Mahapatra (vaidehi.mahapatra@sciencespo.fr)
  • Chloe Sterrett (chloe.sterrett@sciencespo.fr)
  • Julio Romero Serrano (julio.romeroserrano@sciencespo.fr)
  • David Yang (weikang.yang@sciencespo.fr)
  • Louise Edouard (louise.edouard@sciencespo.fr)
  • Carla Dabadie (carla.dabadie@sciencespo.fr)
  • Martin Quick (martin.quick@sciencespo.fr)
  • Lachlan Pickering (lachlan.pickering@sciencespo.fr)
  • Cyan Abbey (cyan.abbey@sciencespo.fr)
  • Zelie Marcais (zelie.marcais@sciencespo.fr)
  • Azad Niroomand (azad.niroomand@sciencespo.fr)
  • Léa Gaudilliere (lea.gaudilliere@sciencespo.fr)
  • Angelica Djorkaeff (angelica.djorkaeff@sciencespo.fr)
  • Clement Francony (clement.francony@sciencespo.fr)
  • Chloé Joubert (chloe.joubert@sciencespo.fr)
  • Axel Jenkin (axel.jenkin@sciencespo.fr)
  • Zoé Solomon (zoe.solomon@sciencespo.fr)
  • Grace Slembrouck (grace.slembrouck@sciencespo.fr)
  • Lara Fakhry (lara.fakhry@sciencespo.fr)
  • Juliette Cappuccio (juliette.cappuccio@sciencespo.fr)
  • Victoria Hospodaryk (victoria.hospodaryk@sciencespo.fr)
  • Victor Pellicero Calvo (victor.pellicerocalvo@sciencespo.fr)
  • Madeleine Bienvenu (madeleine.bienvenu@sciencespo.fr)
  • Maria Alejandra Cáceres Merino (mariaalejandra.caceresmerino@sciencespo.fr)


  • Gaetano Di Tommaso (gaetano.ditommaso@sciencespo.fr)





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