Why Isn’t the New Mexican President Talking About Energy Justice?

Despite being the second largest economy in Latin America, just after Brazil, Mexico is a country full of poverty and inequality. With a GINI of 0.43 and an estimated 43.6% population living in poverty, is more than clear that something should be done about the country’s current situation. And after 18 years of right winged governments which pushed the industry, free trade, and foreign investment, which is excellent when helps the people, something that did not happen. Now a left winged “Man of the people” is in the presidency, with an agenda in favor of the less fortunate, supposedly.

Now the president has presented his new energy plan, which is, at best underwhelming and at worst just bad. Pushing for investment in a new refinery, in PEMEX (Mexico’s state-own oil enterprise) and betting for the infamous energy independence, which seems very right-winged. The question is where in the plan is giving access to a reliable energy source to the millions in poverty who vote for a change?

There is substantial evidence that links access to energy and human development. Having an energy source ensures basic needs such as heating, food preservation, health and education (Hospitals and schools don’t run without electricity), and there is a lack of recognition of this fact: energy is not a privilege, it is a right, and therefore it should be for everyone. So, when the president “Man of the people” is still not talking about energy justice in his energy plan, well that should raise concern.

Even though his administration is just beginning, the lack of a program of energy equity in an administration that claims it wants to make amends with the more marginal population brings many doubts, one of the most important ones — does the president understand that economic growth is not human growth? Or worst, does he not care? Is he the same abusive careless government, with a brand new marketing strategy? Only time will tell.

Maria Alejandra Cáceres Merino

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Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash 













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